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Single-Page Websites Starting at $700

Social media is king, but you still need a hub to display all your content in one place. Introducing the next generation of websites. Our single-page format is strategically designed to function as an interactive promotional poster and is your personal hub to present everything about your brand in one click and scroll. We eliminate unnecessary content and streamline your web visibility without drowning people with a long list of social media urls and contact information. Turnaround Time: 15 Business Days

Standard Features

Design and Layout Simplified Backend for Easy Do-It-Yourself Updating Rotating Banner
Description Text Section Social Media Links Display Flyers
Soundcloud or Mixcloud Player Bands in Town Calendar YouTube or Vimeo Video Player
Instagram Feed PDF Download Scroll Animations

Additional Options

Navigation Bar

A menu bar can make it easier to navigate your website. The buttons are programmed to tab to various sections throughout the site or as hyperlinks that direct to additional pages or other websites.


News/Blog Posts

News or blog posts allow you to keep visitors up-to-date with the happenings of your brand. Posts include a text section with limited character count and hyperlinked images.


Content Links

Display your recent mixes, client list, brand associations, sponsors, etc. as icons that are programmed as clickable hyperlinks to easily direct visitors to the associated websites or social media pages.


Data Collection Form

Perfect for VIP Reservations, purchase orders, etc., a data collection form makes it easy to keep records on your customer base. The collected Information is emailed to you upon submission, as well as saved on the backend of the site for your records with easy navigation for quick reference.


Basic Gallery

A photo gallery is ideal for displaying a series of images or portfolio. Galleries are programmed using a lightbox format, meaning that images are viewed in a grid format and when a specific image is selected, it enlarges to fill the screen.


Advanced Gallery

An advanced gallery is setup to manage and index multiple photo galleries on one site that each house their individual image gallery. Galleries are programmed using a lightbox format, meaning that images are viewed in a grid format and when a specific image is selected, it enlarges to fill the screen.


Custom Calendar

Manually input all of your upcoming dates and hyperlink directly to ticket vendors or venue websites. Posts are automatically removed once a date has passed. This option is an alternative to our standard Bands in Town calendar.


Google Analytics

Monitor who is visiting your website, how many hits your getting, and where they are coming from.


Custom Loader

Our websites are branded with a MiamiDesignHouse loader. Remove or replace our logo with a logo of your choice.


Mobile Responsive

Have your website programmed to automatically adjust sizing, layout, and proportions to display in a more legible manner across all device sizes.


Extra Pages

If your content requirements are greater than what can fit on our single-page format, no problem, we can create as many back pages as needed. Please contact us for pricing.



All projects require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, with the additional 50% due upon completion. All payments are processed via Pay Pal and are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.